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As American business has evolved over the past several decades, views on the types of leadership considered effective have changed considerably. Societal and technological changes have resulted in a more diverse workforce, a global marketplace, a more horizontal organizational structure, and a greater emphasis on teamwork. These changes call for more participatory and collaborative approaches to leadership, consistent with several styles categorized in traditional research on leadership. Most leadership books focus on traditional organizations using models that were developed in the pre-technology era. In today's environment of global connectivity, instant messaging, geographically dispersed team, and technologically competent employees, many leaders feel out of place when harnessing technology and teamwork to leverage productivity and performance for their organization.

Global organizations and multinational businesses often require collaboration between team members who may be located halfway across the world in different time zones. Virtual teams have been in the spotlight of the most recent research, where leaders must focus as much on the people as the task at hand. The current climate of organizations has been changed by technology, a global marketplace, and increased diversity of the workforce. Economic trends like downsizing and the change from an industry-based economy to one that is increasingly service-oriented have caused traditional approaches to leading based on controlling and directing inappropriate and ineffective in many circumstances. Organizational structures have flattened from the traditional hierarchies of management. As organizations become more dependent on human capital, the quality and motivation of workers takes on more importance than ever.

This book provides strategic and tactical advice to leaders who are responsible for leading global organizations, or organization that may planning to expand overseas. Topics such as Transformational Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Team Leadership, Culture and Leadership are explored in the book to provide a holistic approach to leading the net generation of employees.

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