I regularly get questions about website development, social media strategy, and techology acquisition. The following resources are provided to help small and medium businesses get information on some of the web development tools. Some are affiliate links that I have no hesitation recommending as they provide superior product and service in this competitive marketplace.

Adobe Dreamweaver

An excellent Web Development Program from Adobe. Tip: Look for educator/student discounts as this makes it a better deal. More info

Web Hosting

Examples of good hosting services are ones that provide good uptime, customer service, and value added features. My recommendation: HostGator.com


The gold standard for Blogs. Comes in two versions: 1) located on wordpress.com and 2) hosted with a webhost (such as Hostgator) where you can have your own domain name.

Thesis Plugin

This Wordpress Plugin/Theme is very popular with amateur and professional bloggers. It is a premium (paid) theme and offers features such as customization, SEO optimization, great support community, free updates etc. More info

Heil PR 40 (Microphone)

I got into podcasting many years ago but made the mistake of using my computer's built in microphone and webcam in some of my earlier podcasts/video. Then I discovered this microphone and have been impressed with its reviews. If I didn't try it out, I would not have believed what a difference a good microphone can make to a presentation. More info


Currently I use the Logitech 9000 and am pleased with it.

FastStone Screen Capture

Do you need to do web/screen/video captures and then save/print/embed in other programs?. Each version gets significant improvement to an already full featured program. More info.



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