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My areas of research interests are interdisciplinary in nature and include behavioral aspects of information security, social media applications for business and education, Web 2.0, program evaluation and assessment, and management of information technology.

Hazari Research

With the proliferation of web based services and systems, as well as new technologies such as Web 2.0 (e.g. Wikis, Weblogs, Microblogs, Podcasts), web based environments have taken a center stage in managing and disseminating information. To keep current, organizations have to focus on technological and organizational aspects of networked learning by exploring and integrating tools such as portals and collaborative applications that rely on robust networks. There is a strong need for research in architectures and platforms for distributed applications, as well as collaborative application models.

Information security in recent years has become a top priority for institutions that rely on computer networks to access information. Evaluating, planning, and implementing a well-architected security strategy to ensure integrity of data remains a challenge because security is often looked upon as a product rather than a philosophy that must be integrated into technical, organizational, and cultural structure of an organization. With increased amount of press coverage being given to lapses in security, senior administration has recognized digital security as a real problem in need of a universal solution. The human element has been shown to be the weakest link in the security chain. My research explores data security and use of information security tools and software from end-user perspective. This applied research and best practices have been implemented in courses that I have taught.

My unique technology, education, and management background allows me to explore interdisciplinary research interests. If you are a graduate student or faculty member interested in collaborating on research projects, do email me.


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