Internet & Teaching

Distance Learning Institutions (for-profit)

Institution Parent Comany Enrollment
ITT Technical Institute ITT Educational Services 6205
Everest University Corinthian Colleges 9886
Art Institute of Pittsburgh Education Management 12,803
American Intercontinental University Career Education 26,630
DeVry University DeVry 30,127
Capella University Capella Education 31,998
Walden University Laureate Education 40,714
Ashford University Bridgeport Education 46,835
Strayer University Strayer Education 54,325
Kaplan University Washington Post Company 71,011
University of Phoenix Apollo Group 380,232

Source: College Navigator (US Dept. of Education)

Resource links

Accounting Path
Learn about Accounting Schools, Programs, and Careers
Accounting/CPA info
Includes resources and exams to become an Accountant or CPA
Collaborative Tools
Includes resources to help virtual teams in online environment
College Universities
Find a college, university, or trade school near you
Compilation of articles related to Constructivist theory and its applications in Instructional technology
Copyright Primer
Primer on Distance Learning & Intellectual Property Issues
Copyright Concerns in the age of distance education
Guide to current copyright law and how it applies to educational material distributed on the Web. Written in Q&A format.
Copyright for the webmaster
Explains copyright, registration, fair use principles
Center for Intellectual Property and Copyright in the Digital Environment
University of Maryland University College. Includes links to current issues, intellectual property research, workshops and conferences archived presentations
Department of Education
News and resources for education including DOE publications
Discussion Board: Evaluating students' participation
Theory-based article on evaluating student participation in discussion groups/discussion boards
Distance Learning on the Net
A directory of resources on distance learning
Distance Learning Research
Research investigating faculty roles in distance education. Data suggests faculty have much to cope with when learning new teaching methods in becoming virtual professors.
Edtech Listserv
Education Technology Listserv. With approximately 3500 direct subscribers internationally and about 8000 readers participating through news groups, gopher and WWW sites, EDTECH plays an influential role in determining the future directions of the uses of technology in education for many universities and school districts.
E-Learning International Journal
Articles on distance learning, pedagogy, for researchers, developers, and practitioners. Full-text available
Evaluating Use of Technology in Schools and Classrooms
U. S. Dept. of Education guide to evaluating technology use (Downloadable file also available)
Evaluation of Online courses
Links to other evaluation articles
Evaluating Group Projects
Links to other evaluation articles
Faculty Compensation in Distance Learning Articles
1. Compensation models in Distance Education
2. Faculty Compensation models for online/distance education
Financial Planner Education
Provides information on Financial Planner, Stockbroker, Financial Advisor professions along with Wealth Management, Estate Planning, Regulatory Bodies, Salaries, and Financial Planner Exams.
Georgia ONmyLine
Bringing Georgia's public higher education straight to your home, your computer, your fingertips.
Global Campus
Includes free curriculum materials, sounds, images, video.
Harvard Education with New Technologies (ENT)
Harvard Web Site Explores Issues of Improving Teaching with Technology. The Education with New Technologies (ENT) Web site is a networked community designed to help educators develop powerful learning experiences for students through the effective integration of new technologies.
Instructional Systems Design Online Manual
Complete reference to implementing a training program. Includes information on analysis, design, development and implementation, and evaluation phases of ISD (Systems Approach to Training)
Instructional Systems Design Models
University of Colorado, School of Education links
Internet School House
Excellent resource for school use of Internet. Includes curriculum guides
State by state requirements to become a lawyer
Learning Theories and Models of Teaching
Offers information on behaviorism, cognitivism, humanism, cooperative learning, brain-based learning, learning styles, and multiple intelligences
Meeting Room Scheduler
MRBS is a free, GPL, web application using PHP and MySQL/pgsql for booking meeting rooms. It's similar in concept to Netscape Calendar, but much cheaper
Myers Briggs Information
Information about Myers Briggs personality test. Also provides help on working out your Myers Briggs.
Online Guide to Accounting Graduate and MBA Programs
Provides resources of interest to current or potential Accounting graduates
Senge and the Learning Organization
Useful resource on Senge's systems theory
Teaching Tips
Includes tips on assessment techniques, how people learn, communciation, human development, core abilities, motivating students, course design, preparing a lesson plan, dealing with stress, preparing a course syllabus, difficult behaviors, teaching organization, the first day, & using questions effectively.
Technology Source
Free monthly webzine to inform faculty and educational leaders as to how they can use these tools to enhance teaching, learning, and effective administration.
UMUC-Bell Atlantic Virtual Resource Site for Teaching with Technology
Excellent resource for demonstrating virtual classroom components that can be used in online courses
U.S. Colleges of Education
Provides extensive resource list of Schools, Women's Studies, and On-line reference materials.
Why bother?
Provides rationale for teaching with technology (by Steve Gilbert, TLT Group)
World Lecture Hall
Listing of faculty use of web by discipline, from accounting to zoology
World Wide Learn
Listing of online courses, learning, and education


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