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SEO / Web Hosting and Analytics

Hostgator Web Hosting View who hosts a website 1
Google adwords keyword tool View who hosts a website 2
All in one website analysis How to research a marketing niche
Woo rank comprehensive analysis IP Address trace/DNS Tools
DNS Propagation Checker Another DNS Propagation Checker
Online Plagiarism Checker 100+ Google tricks
Pingdom - Monitor your website's uptime  


Freelance / Contract Websites

Online/Offline Design Jobs
College Recruiter
Entry Level jobs/Internship
Technology Related Jobs
General Purpose Gigs
Freelance Writing Jobs
Hire Writers
General Purpose Jobs
General Purpose Jobs
Online/Offline Design Related jobs
General Purpose Jobs
Job Search Engine
Software Development Jobs
Elance+oDesk = General Purpose Jobs
Warrior Forum
Marketing Related Jobs
Find Freelancers in any area
Free Logo Makers and Generators
Source: Nick Schaferhoff





Comparison Shopping

Compare Book Prices Compare book prices (2)
Compare Book Prices (need ISBN) (3) Compare book prices (4)
Compare Music Prices Amazing Bargains
Ableshopper Price search for books, cd, dvds, games, software
DVD Coupons Pricescan
DVD Price Search Value Consumer
Retail Retreat wow coupons (list by vendors)
Pricewatch Bottom Dollar
Check Air Fare Deal Catcher (updated regularly) Techbargains
Product Reviews (Electronics & Computers) Codes to use on shopping sites
Dealcut (latest coupons) flamingbargains (updated daily) Ben's Bargain Center,
USPS Priority Mail label (Electronics)
Jump on Deals (updated daily)
Deal of Day
Dan's deals (updated daily) Posted deals by week FindersChapers ComparePrices


Travel Sites
Most attractive airfare specials listed by city
Weekend trip packages. Select by destination, cost, activity
International flights.
Sells ticket by 33 domestic and international airlines. One hour to purchase.
Find a deal on site and call offline for better price. 800 652 4327.
Aggregates info from other travel sites.
Same as but also includes vacation rentals.
Mainly travel options to larger cities.
Offers airfare, cruise, rentals, vacation packages



Technology Related Sites

Boot Disk (includes startup disk for  all OS) Email related questions and resources
Create Boot CD-ROM Technology Tutorials
Tech Support Answers Download Netscape Composer 4.78
MS-Office Substitute (free software) Free Virus Removal Tools and Info
Check modem/dsl speed CD Recording guide
Windows support center
(includes knowledge base articles, registry info)
Download IE/Netscape over modem 
Virus Screenshot and Info

Good digital camera tools

College Textbook Search (B&N)
Pop3 scan mailbox

Get Network Drivers here
Driver Guide
IE Quick Search
IE helper
Check Blacklisted hosts for spam Fix MS-Word Page numbers
MS-Office templates (includes Powerpoint) Good Freeware site
Types of computer connector images (USB, Firewire etc)  P2P File sharing Guide
Wireless Hotspot Finder - Bypass Web Registration on sites using standard  passwords
Wireless Hotspot locations
Intel Wireless Hotspot finder
Real Player Alternative Popup tester
Javascript Examples Webpedia
Crap Cleaner - cleans temp file of Windows IT Conversations (download mp3 files of industry leaders)
Google Voice - How to.... Javascript Examples
Webmonkey Webpedia
Trace email source from headers Kajabi CMS
YouTube Video Editing Tools 5 Free Tools for Online Video Editing
Some Handy Tools for YouTube  

Screen Capture Software

Active Presenter (Free option also) FastStone Capture (video also)
BSR Screen Recorder  


Education Related Sites

All Universities Georgia Online Education
Citing Information (APA, MLA etc.) Mailing List Directory
World Lecture Hall Chronicle of Higher Education
Distance Education Clearinghouse  
Training and Development Business Research Topics
Global Campus  
Useful iPod App list for Education Ed Tech Dissertation Directory
Lesson Plans Graduate Schools Information
Internet Quizzes  
Directory of Book Publishers Plagiarism check
Comparison of LLC, Sole proprietorship,
S corp
Anti-plagiarism strategies for Research Papers
Create APA format for sources Listing of Colleges and Univ. in US (all states)
Ed.D vs. PhD Basic Web Search tutorial
Questionnaire Analysis (stat program) Generate fake conference papers (MIT)
The Discover Business 2015 - 2016 Top Recommended Online MBA Programs Guide to understanding and avoiding Plagiarism



Check if your Doctor gets paid by Drug Companies Top 50 News Sites
Fun Tests Humor
Investor Home Motley Fool
Comprehensive Publication list Research it!
Business Owner's Toolkit Search Person, Phone, Maps
Interactive Calculators I Guide to dealing with Unwanted email/spam
Maps Hide email URL from spammers
Washington Metro Interactive Calculators II (Java Based)
Independent Contractor Information Javascript search engine
Aerial photos/Satellite images Check mortgage rates in your area
Cartoon-ify anyone and other effects Washington Post



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