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Courses Taught

The following is a list of courses taught/developed at various institutions from Year 1990 - present.

  • Introduction to Computers (1988, Undergraduate)
  • Engineering Graphics (1990, Undergraduate)
  • Computer Aided Design (1990, Undergraduate)
  • Advanced Problems in Design (Undergraduate)
  • Industrial Technology Applications of Computer Systems (Undergraduate)
  • Project Management (Graduate)
  • Computer Applications (Graduate)
  • Scripting languages for Authoring Training Materials (Graduate)
  • Introduction to Data Communications (Undergraduate)
  • Concepts of Database Management (Undergraduate)
  • Novell Networks 3.1 and 4.0 (Undergraduate)
  • Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks (Undergraduate)
  • Management of Local Area Networks (Undergraduate)
  • CAD/CAM Design and Implementation (Undergraduate)
  • Human Computer Interface Guidelines (Graduate)
  • Management of Technology in Education (Graduate)
  • Distributed Computing (Graduate)
  • Electronic Commerce Technology Infrastructure (Graduate)
  • Web Commerce Security (Graduate)
  • Networking and Telecommunications (Graduate)
  • Security and Control of Information Systems (Graduate)
  • Business Support Systems (Graduate)
  • Instructional Strategies for Business Education (Graduate)
  • Leadership in Business and Education (Graduate)
  • Assessment and Evaluation in Business Education (Graduate)
  • Business Internship (Graduate)
  • Program Evaluation (Graduate)
  • Research Methods (Graduate)
  • Business Web Design (Undergraduate/Graduate)
  • Business Communication (Undergraduate)
  • Principles of Marketing (Undergraduate)
  • Marketing Research (Undergraduate)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Essentials for Business (Undergraduate)

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