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Testing and assessment remain an integral part of instructional systems design for traditional classroom based courses as well as web based training courses. The goal of testing is to determine if learning objectives have been accomplished. Formative evaluation using online testing helps students assess their level of knowledge of course material. In addition it gives the instructor a better idea of what students are understanding as well as the concepts that still need clarification.

Although there are full fledged web authoring tools available that integrate testing, many are proprietary in nature and not available to instructors and trainers that want to integrate testing without the use of these embedded tools. Two alternative methods available for online testing that employ either server side or client side processing will be the focus of this discussion.

For the client side method JavaScript is a standard scripting language commonly used today that continues to be very popular since it works with all browsers that use a graphical user interface. As a result it is attractive to most trainers and instructors interested in integrating web based testing on their pages especially for formative evaluation. Server side processing on the other end relies on a back end machine to calculate test results and return the output in HTML format to the user. A non-proprietary technology called Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is used to implement server based assessment. 

Resource Links

Leveraging Student Feedback to Improve Teaching in Web Based Courses(Journal Article)

8 Ways to create Online Tests
Includes test creation using Flash, Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, Php/Javascript, screen recorder, and Adobe Dreamweaver

Flubaroo: Automatically Grading Google Docs Quizzes/Tests

    Web Exam (previously called Multiple Choice Grader)  Download
    This script allows you to create your own multiple choice exams on the web and, if you create an answer key database, it will grade the answers submitted by a user and gather all completed exams in a database.

    Web Worksheet
    Enable instructors to make template based, multimedia enabled exercises available to students over the web. Also provides summary reports, course management.

    Create and administer surveys online (free)


    Developing a Quiz using JavaScript
    With basic knowledge of HTML users can see how a simple quiz can be developed with JavaScript

    Hot Potatoes Web Authoring Tools
    The Hot Potatoes suite includes five applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web. Freeware. Available for Macintosh and Windows95.

    Online QuizMaker
    Connect to this web site, enter test question and answers, have it generate Javascript code and paste this in your html file. Quizzes can be practice (provide feedback to user) or graded (sent answers to instructor)

    Multiple Choice Javascript
    Simple script to create multiple choice questions. (Download zip file)

    Commercial Testing Programs

    Question Mark
    Question Mark is an authoring, delivery, reporting software to generate quizzes. Quizzes are converted to HTML using QM Web Converter software. QM Web interactive software that runs on a server (using Perl), tests can be graded online. (Pricing varies by licenses)

    Survey software for questionnaire design, data entry and analysis. SNAP publishes interviews, collects and analyses all forms of web, internet, email, scanning, paper and interviewer CE surveys.

    Test Pilot
    Java based package developed at Purdue University and available for Mac, Windows, and Unix platforms. It consists of a database of test, tutorial or survey questions and a Web server extension to both administer the surveys and tests and record, score and retrieve user responses. ($119.95 Education Price)

    Perseus SurveySolutions for the Web
    Comprehensive survey software system that's easy-to-use, cost effective and provides everything you need to implement a successful Internet survey, market research and web polls.

    Survey Key
    Online survey creation software. Use for creating opinion polls, satisfaction survey, voting applications, online tests, customer service, elections, marketing studies, event planning etc. Uses 128 bit encryption.

    Create different types of quizzes, surveys, assessments. Also create mobile and offline surveys, which is useful for students doing research on-the-go. Students can get a free subscription for our Professional Plan by simply dropping us an email at

    Web-based, asp/xml, data gathering program, enabling organizations to create, warehouse and data-mine surveys, polls and reviews. With it's easy to facilitate format and comprehensive list of features, Ioxphere has proven useful to both marketing and healthcare research.

    Advanced Survey
    Easily create online web surveys. Free registrations for basic, fee based for advanced surveys.

    A web-hosted survey application developed by I/O psychologists for business and HR consultants, market researchers, professionals, students or anyone interested in creating online surveys quickly and affordably

    Survey Programs

Other Category

    Quiz Builder
    Template that accepts typed responses in a Web form generates HTML code for the quiz  that can be saved on a Web server.

    Quiz Center Online Service 
    QuizCenter enables teachers to make web pages with quizzes that provide instant feedback to students, and/or package answers in an email that is sent back to the instructor. Features include Automatic Quiz Generation and grading. Quizzes are stored on Quiz Center server and students access this with an assigned password.

    Resource link of other tools 2
    Collection of links on Online Testing, HTML, Java

    Comparison table of Web-based Survey/Testing/Quiz programs
    FrontPage 2000 Quizzing Engine (Search on Microsoft site)
    The FrontPage 2000 Quizzing Engine Add-In provides a simple way for educators to create quizzes containing multiple choice and true/false questions. The quizzes are automatically graded, enabling instructors and students to monitor their progress. The FrontPage 2000 Quizzing Engine also includes a new course web template for creating a simple web site for a course. This can be used with or independently from, the FrontPage 2000 Quizzing Engine.

    Microsoft Office Templates (Search on Microsoft site)
    Contains useful templates for use in essay question development, multiple-choice, true/false, lesson plans, gradebook etc.

    Web Evaluation Form for online course evaluation

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