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04/03/24 Updated AI Page
03/27/24 Updated publications, presentations, course evaluations
08/20/20 Updated Official Course Evaluation scores
12/15/15 Updated list of Blog Posts
5/27/13 Added information about eBook, "Leadership for the Net Generation"
11/10/12 Added citation for article: "Investigating Marketing Students' Perceptions of Active Learning and Social Collaboration for Blogs"
5/8/12 Added Course Evaluation Scores page
7/29/11 Udpated Assessment Page with Online test and Flubaroo links
7/5/11 Added Information Security Quiz
6/26/11 Updated Social Media Resource page
6/22/11 Added Ecommerce Quiz
6/2/11 New website goes live
6/1/11 Old website retired: (Year 1998 - 2011). R.I.P



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